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Teaching Geometry - Chapter 4: Quadrilaterals and Polygons

In the beginning of this section, we're going to add a fourth line to what we did last week - going from triangles up to quadrilaterals. At the end of the chapter, we'll look at ways to generalize what we've learned so far to figures that have an arbitrary number of sides.

Teaching Geometry

Technologies Used

We try to limit the technologies that are used in each classroom to the minimum required to get the job done. The combinatorics classroom uses only JavaScript which all modern browsers support.

Source Material

The material in this classroom is substantially identical to Teaching Geometry. The only significant difference is that this online version doesn't contain the complete solutions to the source text's exercises that the printed version has. This was a conscious decision on our part since we felt that some parents might not want the solutions being available to their students. We've also added a brief introduction to each Chapter in the online version that we think helps to set up the context which isn't necessary when the physical textbook is being used as a companion to the student's text.