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We have a lot of materials available in a lot of areas. Sorting through all the different areas on the site can get confusing after a while. In these curriculum pages, we've brought together all the various pieces and grouped them by subject so you can more easily find everything that's available for what you're trying to teach.

Algebra 1

Algebra is one of the more challenging subjects that most students encounter. For many, it's their first transition into the abstract side of mathematics. Our Algebra 1 curriculum is designed to smooth that transition. We provide a variety of resources both for students and parents including textbooks, worksheets and two free online classrooms.


Geometry, with all its pictures and diagrams, is one of our favorite subjects. Our geometry curriculum covers all of the core concepts from plane or Euclidean geometry including postulates, theorems, constructions, formulas and their applications.

Algebra 2

Our Algebra 2 curriculum takes concepts from Algebra 1 and expands and extends them into the practical tools that are used in real world business and science applications. The program also encourages the development of the reasoning ability necessary to solve complex problems and to be ready to move on to more advanced topics.