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By the time students get to Algebra 2, they're often having some motivation issues. They've already made it through a full year of Algebra 1 and the prospect of a second year can be a little daunting. At this point in their mathematical development, students are starting to encounter tools that can be used to solve real world problems in fields as diverse as finance and psychology. Our Algebra 2 program is designed to ease students through their second year with the material by demonstrating how it can be put into real world practice.


Core Curriculum

We don't believe in nickel and diming our customers. We won't expect you to buy a nine module package to get all of the content that you need.

Essential Algebra 2 is our core Algebra 1 textbook, available for purchase from our on demand publisher. If all you're looking for is the core content for a complete (1 credit) Algebra 2 curriculum then this book is all that you need.

Supplemental Curriculum

Sometimes you need a little more. The materials in this section provide additional support in key areas.

Polynomials are one of the building blocks of engineering. They can be used to model everything from the behavior of falling objects to complex dynamic systems. Our free polynomials short course covers classification, addition and subtraction, multiplication, factoring and solving equations including the Quadratic Equation.

Rational expressions are one of the trickest concepts in Algebra 2. Not because they're inherently difficult but because working with them often involves multiple steps with lots of individual calculations. Our free rational expressions short course covers all of the basic operations including simplifying, determining when an expression is undefined, addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.