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The laboratory is the home for our coming attractions. The resources that you find here are far enough along in the devlopment process that they're usable but they haven't reached the finish line yet. Please keep in mind that what you see here are works in progress. Some functionality may not be fully operational, other areas may behave unpredictably.

Trigonometry Textbook

The first chapter of our upcoming trigonometry textbook has made it through the editing phase so we're making it available here to give everyone a quick preview. Our plan is to convert the book into a complete online classroom that will be available for free through our Curriculum area.


The combinatorics text book is finished and has moved into production. You can find more information on its textbook page or you can order it directly from our on demand publisher.

Advanced Geometry

The first chapter of our Advanced Geometry classroom is now available in the classrooms area. This is the first of our "advanced" courses which are designed to give interested students access to material that goes beyond the standard high school curriculum.

Teaching Algebra 2

The first chapter of our Teaching Algebra 2 course has been posted in the classrooms area. The Teaching series provides parents and teachers with valuable information, examples and teaching suggestions .