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For many students, Algebra 1 is a "gateway" subject in the sense that it's their first introduction to the more abstract side of mathematics. This abstraction is an important part of the power of mathematics but it can be confusing and intimidating for beginners. When we started designing our algebra curriculum we set ourselves the challenge of merging the abstract and the practical so that students could begin to understand the power of mathematics while at the same time understanding its usefullness.

All of the resources we provide for Algebra 1 students are summarized in the tabs below.

Algebra 1


Core Curriculum

We don't believe in nickel and diming our customers. We won't expect you to buy a nine module package to get all of the content that you need.

Essential Algebra 1 is our core Algebra 1 textbook, available for purchase from our on demand publisher. If all you're looking for is the core content for a complete (1 credit) Algebra 1 curriculum then this book is all that you need.

Teaching Algebra 1 is our teaching guide. It's a compendium of resources and teaching suggestions that parallels Essential Algebra 1. It's also available for purchase from our on demand publisher.

The Teaching Algebra 1 classroom is a free, online version of the Teaching Algebra 1 textbook. It includes all the material from the book except for the solutions to the problems at the end of each section. (We made a conscious decision to omit this material out of concern that some parents might not want their students to have access to the complete problem solutions.)

Supplemental Curriculum

Sometimes you need a little more. The materials in this section provide additional support in key areas.

Essential Algebra 1: Worksheets is a collection of additional problem sets. All of the worksheets are available for free on this page in the "Worksheets" section. You can also purchase a physical copy from our online publisher that collects all the worksheets into a single book.

Our free short course on Linear Equations covers the basic concepts of working with linear equations and includes a variety of dynamic pratice areas that generate an almost unlimited number of practice problems and their solutions.