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Geometry is one of our favorite subjects. You can't turn around without finding a new way to relate it to the real world. It also offers a concrete way of learning the kind of logical, linear thinking that's essential to mathematical problem solving. We touch on all of the core concepts from Euclidean geometry in our Geometry textbook, Essential Geometry, along with a variety of practical applications from fields as diverse as ballistics and art.

All of the resources we provide for Geometry students are summarized in the tabs below.


Core Curriculum

We don't believe in nickel and diming our customers. We won't expect you to buy a nine module package to get all of the content that you need.

Essential Geometry is our core geometry textbook, available for purchase from our on demand publisher. If all you're looking for is the core content for a complete (1 credit) Geometry curriculum then this book is all that you need.

Teaching Geometry is our teaching guide. It's a compendium of resources and teaching suggestions that parallels Essential Geometry. It's also available for purchase from our on demand publisher.

The Teaching Geometry classroom is a free, online copy of the Teaching Geometry textbook. It includes all the material from the book except for problem solutions. (We made a conscious decision to omit this material out of concern that some parents might not want their students to have access to the complete problem solutions.)

Extended Curriculum

Sometimes your students are going to want to go a little further. If your student has an interest in geometry and wants to learn more then the material in this section are what you're looking for.

Graph theory is the study of the relationships between connected objects. For examples, cities are connected by roads, atoms are connected by chemical bonds and the kids in a classroom are connected by their friendships. Graph theory applies principles of geometry and mathematical modeling to analyze these connections.

Our graph theory classroom is currently undergoing a major revision that should be available in the Fall of 2014. In the meantime, the original classroom is still available.