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White Crane Education's publishing division is dedicated to producing high quality textbooks for non-traditional learners. All of our technical books emphasize hands-on learning through the use of real world applications and projects.

Our books are sold through an online, on-demand printer. Working with Lulu allows us to keep our prices low by cutting out the high fees charged by traditional booksellers who have to produce books in large runs.

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Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2

Essential Algebra 1 is the core (1 credit) textbook for the Algebra 1 curriculum. The book is written in clear, easy to read English so that students get a smooth transition into the abstract side of mathematics. To help ease that transition, each chapter ends with a detailed, hands-on application from fields as diverse as information theory (validating a credit card number) and law enforcement (measuring the speed of a moving vehicle).

Teaching Algebra 1 is the companion text to Essential Algebra 1. This isn't your standard "teacher's edition". Rather than being just a copy of the student's version with the answers added, it's intended as a teaching guide. Each section lists teaching suggestions for the corresponding section in the student's text along with supplemental material and complete solutions to every exercise question.

Algebra 1 Worksheets contains additional question sets for every section in the student's text. Please keep in mind that all of these worksheets are available for free on the White Crane Education website. We offer all of the worksheets in book form for families that want a complete set in bound form.

Probability and Statistics is our Algebra 1 curriculum's supplemental text. In each curriculum, we try to include an additional resource that goes into a related topic in depth. Probability and statistics are two very practical subjects that can easily be understood with just some basic algebra concepts. This book approaches the statistics material from the perspective of a series of research questions that walk the reader through the process of designing a research project, collecting the data, analyzing it and presenting it.